Writing Expectations for Second Grade

Quarter 1 and 2

- Uses drawing to enhance meaning of the writing

- Composes several sentences related to a topic

- Writing stories using multiple sentences

- Adds details to enhance the writing

- Uses temporary spelling by using letter-sound relationships

- Consistently uses spacing, capital letters and end punctuation

- Writing makes sense and has a flow with a beginning, middle and end

Quarter 3 and 4

All of the above and….

- Writes a series of ideas in an organized, sequential manner

- Writes with clear organization and has a clear topic

- Begins to use literary and formal language

- Adds elaboration and descriptive details

- Write most or all words correctly

- Uses some paragraphs

Writing above Grade Level

All of the above and…

- Expresses several ideas and adds elaboration to details

- Uses related vocabulary, ideas and language to enhance topic of writing

- Uses a variety of sentence patterns and lengths that develop and extend the topic

- Write most or all words correctly with correct punctuation, capitalization and sentence fluency

- Uses paragraphs consistently


3- Meets all writing expectations for that quarter

2-Needing improvements and having difficulty meeting the required expectations

1-Writing below expectations

What can you do at home?

- Have your student keep a journal of how their day went. Make sure they add details to their day.

- Have a conversation journal between you and your child. They write you a note and you respond. Be sure to ask questions and get your student to ask you questions. This is a fun way for your child to learn new things about you and vice versa.

- In the car, at night or whenever you have down time; create stories off the top of your head. For example you can start off by saying “Once Upon a time there was a green…” your child will then take over the story and add their part “monster that lived in the deep dark forest.” Then you will continue and so on and so forth. This does not have to be written down but is a great way to help generate ideas for story writing.