This year we will be using the Units of Study suggested by CMS and the balanced literacy approach with the reader's workshop model. We will be engaged in a variety of reading activities, including novel studies, poetry and an intensive study with non-fiction articles and books. Using these activities will help your student dig deep into the meaning of a multiple of genres and let your student explore each thoroughly.

In addition to these reading activities we will be focusing on specific skills and strategies that will help increase your students reading. These include fact and opinion, cause and effect, sequencing, summarizing, author’s purpose, and making inferences, predictions, connections.
Our daily schedule will look very similar to the following and is subject to change throughout the school year…
  • 15-20 minutes for word work activities and tests, these will be the students spelling words for the week.
  • 15-20 minutes of interactive read alouds and whole group instruction
  • 45 minutes of independent reading/small group
  • 10 minutes of reading partner discussion/reading response/wrap up